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Building a child esteem
“I would like to thank you for your recommendation for the CD ‘i can, build a child’s esteem‘. I have been constantly playing it for my son. And after just a short period of 1 month, i saw changes in my 3 year old son’s behaviour. Before the use of the CD, he was constantly throwing tantrum, crying, seeking attentions. After playing the CD at night continuously for 1 month, his tantrum reduced. He smiled more, he was happy every day. It is like we felt that he was being assured, he was more secured. Thank you very much.”
From Patricia Goh



“I own a few InnerTalk CDs since 2007.  My children benefited from ‘I Can! Building a Child’s Esteem‘ when they show better mindset after one month of playing the CD at home. As educationist, I am a children educator. In the learning centre that I previously worked in, my students shown more balance in their emotion and exhibited better behaviour when I played ‘Coherent Emotion‘ CD in the class every day. My late mom mentioned that she had more quality sleep when she slept through with ‘Powerful Immune System‘ CD played throughout the night. I am a believer with InnerTalk CDs because I witness transformation with the people who consciously maximise the purchase of the CDs.  It’s an amazing experience and encounter.”
From Theresa Chee  


Testimonial From Parent 2
“Through a recommendation from a friend, I have known InnerTalk Program since September 2011 and bought the Concentration‘, ‘Accelerated Learning & Study and Excel & ExamCDs. Since then, I have played the CDs on a daily basis for my children. I have played the Concentration CD in my car whenever I drove, and played the Accelerated Learning & Study and ‘Excel & ExamCDs overnight on alternate days. After a month, I noticed my children especially my daughter is able to concentrate on her studies. She really surprised me by finishing the whole Maths workbook that I have bought for her as a revision exercise before her final exam, even with the television on! My son who is rather quiet in nature, has become more open with many interesting topics to talk-about. Their teachers have also commended them on the improvement of their learning abilities and their learning pace. Even their exam results have improved, they are more careful and make less mistakes. I am happy with InnerTalk Program and I have purchased other CDs to address my children’s other weaknesses and to groom them to become successful children. I will definitely continue to use more.”
From Madeleine Khor


“My youngest son was hyperactive. I took him to see a doctor and he recommended me to InnerTalk program. I bought 1 CD called ADHD. I played it everyday and while he was sleeping. It has been a year and my son already 5 year-old now, and I’m still playing the CD. He is no longer taking the hyperactive medication. He can concentrate now and less hyperactive. On top of that, he is able to listen to adults’ instruction and talk more fluently. Thank you InnerTalk.”
From Lechumy
Testimonial From Parent 1



“I bought Just for Newborn for my newborn son 2 years ago. Since playing the CD and comparing him with other babies of the same age, I found my son to be very smart, he could easily understand the things that we taught or explain to him, he has a very good temperament and at 1 1/2 years old he is already talking very well. I have also recommended this title to my friend who just had a baby.”
From Tracy Nyan


“My daughter has Down Syndrome. She is now 18 years old, but there are lots of things that she can’t handle by herself, and facing communication problem (inarticulate). I always hope that she can learn to take care of herself and to enhance her learning ability. One day, a customer of mine recommended InnerTalk. I bought Using Both Halves of the Brainand Accelerated Learning & Studyfor her. After playing for sometime, I found her learning ability has improved. When I was busy serving the customers, she was also keen to help me greet customers! I am so grateful InnerTalk has helped my daughter, and I will continue to use it for better results.”
From Sandy Teo


Testimonial From Parent 3

“My son was very disobedient when he was 14 years old, and he disliked learning. Each time when I ask him to do his revisions, we will end up quarrelling and this made me very anxious.  I met InnerTalk in an exhibition held. After being explained by the personnel of InnerTalk about the science and technology, as well as the so-called ‘subliminal method’, I bought ‘Self Disciplined & Determined’ CD for him. I decided not to compel him to study, but playing this CD regularly to change him subtly. To my surprise, after playing the CD unceasingly for about half a year, I found my son has improved gradually. He starts to review lessons spontaneously, and his test result progressed, and he even became polite to others! It is now about one and a half years since I played the ‘Self Disciplined & Determined’ CD, my son is now 16 years old. The friends are impressed with my son’s changes and they are also eager to use it. Thanks InnerTalk for the change in my son. I will continue to play InnerTalk CD for him, to develop his true potential.”
From Ong Chong Foon


“I am involved in preschool education. One day, I notice a subliminal learning program - InnerTalk from ‘Anak’ Magazine; and this really interest me. Eventually, I bought ‘Word Power: Spelling and Vocabulary’ for my son. My six years old son was not interested in English. After around three weeks of usage, I start to notice his change. Nowadays, he is full of confidence and able to read out whenever he sees English. Besides, my students in my kindergarten were very active, and they love to running and hopping here and there. Around one and a half months after playing Self-disciplined and determined’, all of them are able to behave themselves great and disciplined now! I appreciate InnerTalk for helping me a lot. Thanks InnerTalk!”
From Ms. Teoh


Testimonial From Others


Testimonial From Others 1“I have always believed that InnerTalk programs will work for me. I got many CD titles. Recently, I found myself needing to work on my self-confidence to improve on my job performance. Hence I decided that I will focus on one specific title, ‘Soaring Self-Confidence‘. I bought both the headset program OZO and the easy-listening program for this title. Every morning I delicate my time to listen to OZO program once before I go to work. The easy listening program is played at least an hour/day. 5 weeks later, I achieved the highest revenue for my particular project in my company. Believing in yourself certainly matters! I will continue to work on other aspects with other titles.”
From Siu Liang


“Getting up from the bed is a very tough thing for me every morning. Since listening to ‘Sleep Soundly’ for 3 weeks I have been waking up punctually every morning.”
From Chia Daphne


“I have been using ‘Ultra Prosperity’ CD every night for a few years, and the result is really amazing! People with integrity have come to me to do business together. I am attracting better opportunities; my business has expanded and making better profits. Since then my company and I have never been short of money.”
From Dr. Maria Rufina (CEO of QPAC Business Consultant)


Testimonial From Others 2

“For the past 11 years my husband smokes 1 packet of cigarettes every two days and has been trying to quit without much success. In March 2011, I was introduce to InnerTalk and bought a title named ‘Stop Smoking’. My husband plays the CD throughout the day and night. Within 2 months he has smoked very much less. Now he smokes only when the urge is very strong and that also he takes 1 or 2 puffs before dousing the cigarette. I believe very soon he will totally stop smoking.”
From Cecelia


“Due to the growth process and environment, I am pessimistic, feel doubtful and uncertain about life and future. Whenever there is a turning point in life, such as further education, changing jobs, etc., I will feel anxiety, insomnia, even depressed and so on. The main reason is my mind will always perceive the worst conditions, and always think negatively. These ideas seriously affected my mood and life, so my emotions became unstable. It is almost six months now since I started using Echo-Tech ‘Ending Self Destructive Pattern’ CD. The negative sentiment has reduced markedly; I gradually came to accept myself, and have positive attitude towards life. Together with ‘Genius Power’ and ‘Powerful Memory’, my mind which used to worry too much, has been able to gradually calm down, and focus on the present study. ‘Coherent Emotion’ even made me blissful, improved my sleep, and I feel present! Surprisingly, my sister who sleeps in the same room with me had also benefited, inadvertently learning and memory also improved a lot! Very fortunate to know InnerTalk products, which support me and gave me courage and confidence to face the future.”
From JC Kua


Testimonial From Others 3“Three years ago, I was very stressful, tense and having insomnia. I was very negative and always complaining about all the dissatisfaction in life. This made my life miserable. A friend of mine told me about InnerTalk, and I bought ‘Freedom from Stress’ and started to use it daily. It is three years now since I use InnerTalk program. I am like a new person, relaxed, happy and very much enthusiastic! Thanks InnerTalk for making my life better!”
From Ms. Yew




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